Vans just released a banger of a BMX collection curated by the legend that is Dakota Roche.

Consisting of a Slip On Pro BMX, SK8-Hi 238, Long Sleeve T-shirt and a dialled bike bag, we decided it was only right to have our guy Van Homan catch up with Dak to run through why he picked these styles, how he comes up with and produces his designs, his hammer video part “Low & Hi" and more!

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Dakota, You’ve recently released a signature line with Vans. The release of your signature Vans “Dakota” line coincides with your latest Vans video part “Low and Hi”. I noticed fittingly, you have two shoes in your new line, a low and a hi. How did the video part or your riding in general inspire these shoe designs?  

The inspiration really came from my love of the tried and true shoe models- the slip on and sk8 hi. Both have been staple shoes for me for years, so it just made perfect sense to use them for my collection. The name “Low & Hi” came to me for my part soon after I picked those two silhouettes, it worked out great and really represents so many aspects of filming, as well the collection.

At face value, one might think that the high top is more for riding and the low top for chilling but both shoes have the Waffle Cup BMX Sole, this means it can take abuse? Explain what the Waffle Cup BMX Sole is all about and why you decided to put it on a your slip on?

The Waffle Cup BMX Sole has been a game changing addition to Vans. The durability, pedal feel, grip and support are seriously insane! The fact that Vans has shown this level of support to the BMX world and created a specific sole for us is really special. It was an easy choice to include it on both shoes in the line.

Your “Low and Hi” video part clearly displays that you live the BMX lifestyle day in and day out. Your Vans line seems to cater to the needs and comforts of a rider while still keeping everything clean and simple. Break down the inspiration behind the products you choose to make? 

I’ve really liked the look and function of work wear for some time now, so that was kind of the main inspiration. I wanted a collection that was functional and comfortable but could take a beating when you’re out in the streets, skatepark or trails. My other goal was to make the most wearable stuff possible, that’s why I went with some darker earth tones for the shoes and subtle, hand drawn graphics/patches.

How does your involvement in the design process work? Once you formulate an idea, how do you work with the designers, artist etc to make your idea a reality? I would guess a company like Vans has ample resources to make products come to fruition that others might not be able to create? 

It’s a really cool experience getting to work with such talented people in the design process. Vans really let’s us be as involved as we want so I try my best to take advantage by bringing in a vibe board of ideas, meeting with the designers, asking questions and really just learn the process as much as I can. Also, I have the honor of getting to draw my own graphics for my products! I’ve been passionate about designing and drawing for a very long time, so it’s a dream come true.

Aside from the shoes, one of the products that stood out most to me was the bike bag. What was the thought process behind this bag? What type of features were included to make a riders experience on the streets easier?

The bike bag was actually their idea, but I thought it would be an amazing addition to the line. Having something that applies to our world is really cool, not to mention how versatile it is. It comes with a variety of straps, so wether you wanna strap it to your frame, bars, backpack, belt, shoulder, use it as a tool bag, for travel accessory or as a toiletry bag, it’ll work perfect. Super stoked on it.

Finally, A video part takes a long time and lot of work to film. You have out done yourself once again, this is not just a promo video but an epic full length section. What went into filming this part and alining it with the design process/release of your new Vans line?

All of the blood, sweat and tears was worth it, I’m so happy with how this part turned out. We filmed in So Cal as well as Houston, Copenhagen, SF and NYC to give it the vibe we were looking for. After filming parts for over 15 years, you figure out a formula that works for you, but it certainly doesn’t get any easier or less painstaking! This project was no exception- trick battles extending over months, injuries, mental and physical anguish, etc… but I’m very satisfied with the final product. I’m such a huge fan of Calvin Kosovich as a person, a rider and a filmer so it’s always an honor getting travel and work with him. Shout out to Vans for giving me the opportunity and resources to spend 14 months on a project as well as a full collection to drop with it the part!

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