SourceBMX is a 100% Rider-owned and run store - we live and breath BMX! That’s why we know that choosing the right BMX grips can make all the difference when riding. This handy guide has been created to give you all the tools you need to pick the best handlebar grips, which ones you pick is down to preference, so scratch up on your BMX knowledge and pick fresh grips to give your BMX an awesome new look.

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Flange, Flangeless, and Lock-on, there are a variety of choices when it comes to grips, and which one you pick is down to your preference.


Flange grips have a rubber edge on the inner end of the grip, this is called the flange. Some riders prefer having a flange and they are espcially popular with people who run brakes as its offers some protection from the lever.


Flangless grips as the name suggests do not have a flange at one end. These grips are more popular with street riders and park riders mainly due to barspins being easier to catch without a flange.

lock on

Lock on grips attach to the handlbars via clamps on each end of the grip and have a solid plastic core. Popular amongst Racers as they eliminate any grip slippage. These grips are usually a harder compound which work better with gloves.


how do i know which grips fit my handlebars?

BMX grips are universal, the same with bar ends. You don't need to worry about finding the right size, as all grips fit all handlebars. Barends are usually supplied with all grips.

can i change my bar ends?

Most grips come with matching bar ends when purchased. However, you can easily replace bar ends with any aftermarket pair. Mix and match your grips and bar ends to personalise your BMX bike to the max!

which grips are best for racing?

While racing you don't want to risk your grips to come off, that why using lock on grips is best. Lock on grips feature a plastic inner sleeve and are secured into place using two clamps secured with bolts. You can ride in peace with lock on grips, knowing that they are secured into place.

how do i install grips?

BMX grips come in two variants: slip-on and lock-on. Slip-on grips are the most common type, these can be installed by sliding them onto the handlebars. Lock-on grips feature a slip-on rubber sleeve held in place by one or two clamps secured with bolts or screws. If you want more help, see our video on how to install grips here!

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